Hey there, I'm Roberta, the face behind The Milk Crew.

So, what's The Milk Crew all about? Well, it's a kids' clothing brand that came to life thanks to my journey as a mom right here in San Diego, California. It all started with a simple idea - creating a wardrobe that kids would love wearing every day, blending top-notch style and comfort.

I've got a real soft spot for cool designs and high-quality materials. That's why we offer comfy and stylish pieces for your little ones. At The Milk Crew, our mission is to craft designs that aren't just worn; they become part of the wonderful memories your family creates.


I put loads of effort into selecting every piece you'll find here. My goal? To give you a curated collection of some truly fantastic items that will stick around for a lifetime. Every item you see in our shop is chosen with lots of love, time, and passion.

I hope these pieces will weave themselves into the fabric of countless precious moments for your family! 🌟